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Bryan HawkerBryan Hawker is the president and CEO of BKH Holdings Group, Inc. from Salt Lake City, Utah. He is a successful business leader and skilled marketing professional. He has over 15 years experience managing up to 5,000 employees for large companies. Bryan Hawker has won many awards for his business successes over the years. He also believes in giving back to his community and has been involved in a number of charities helping at risk youth and fighting inner-city hunger. Read about Bryan Hawker’s top 10 favorite Utah charities.

Bryan has served as a chief operating office and chief executive officer in the following industries: consumer durables, consumer beverages and financial services. He has a working knowledge of both international and domestic distribution channels which include both direct sales and wholesale markets.

Bryan Hawker is known as a business executive and savvy entrepreneur. He has a strong understanding of the business environment. Bryan’s business creed is to always under promise and over deliver. In fact this is one of his core character traits. Once CEO remarked about Bryan “Bryan has always provided executive leadership for the Corporate as well as the Customer Experience. He helped to ensure the customer experience to continue as our company underwent phenomenal growth because of his involvement with us. His ability to analyze not only the needs of our company, but how to organize that into meeting our customer’s needs was just so remarkable. He is a great example to everyone he meets.”

So it seems if Bryan Hawker has one flaw, it’s that he is in high demand and loves his work. “Business is not simply a job where I go each day and hope to get something accomplished, it is my passion, the driving force that makes me who I am” commented Bryan. “Succeeding at anything you love to do, provides an enormous sense of satisfaction and self fulfillment.”

One of Bryan’s current business projects is the acquisition of auto dealerships. He is currently in negotiations with a number of dealership networks in the Utah area. He wants to make it more cost effective to bring cars to market. This will make car pricing more competitive ultimately benefiting the Utah car buyers.

Bryan Hawker believes that is it is not right when you look online an can find cars cheaper in states outside of Utah. He wants to put a stop to this by aquiring dealerships and offering better prices to car buyers. People work hard for their money and deserve to be treated fairly. People often ask for our help as local dealership because the prices are way too high.

Learn more by reading Bryan Hawker’s recent press release: Bryan Hawker & BKH Holdings Group Inc. Plan to Acquire Several New Car Dealerships

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